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General Assembly Meetings

Meetings of the Austrian Physiological Society

    Book of abstracts – Meeting of the Austrian Physiological Society, Salzburg, 4. 10. 2018

Cellular, Organ and Systemic Physiology, Quadrilateral symposium of Physiology (organized by Slovenian, Slovak, Czech and Austrian physiological societies), Graz, 21.6.2019

    “98th meeting of the German Physiological Society: Joint meeting with the Austrian (APS) and Swiss (LS2) Physiological Societies.” , Ulm, 30.9.-2.10.2019

                      Call for Symposia (deadline: 15.01.2019)

Indo European Symposium New Delhi 31. 1.-1. 2. 2019

FEPS 2019 

Europhysiology Meetings

IUPS Congress Munich July/August 2025