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Meetings of the Austrian Physiological Society

Meeting of the Austrian Physiological Society, Linz, 01.07.2022

Welcome to the 100th Meeting of the German Physiological Society!

Together with our friends from the Austrian Physiological Society and the Life Science Switzerland Physiology Section we will celebrate this historical occasion in Frankfurt (30.09 – 2.10.2021) by looking at the two ends of time´s arrow under the motto „Remember the Past – Imagine the Future“.


European Physiology Day 12. October 2021

European Physiology Day 2021

IUPS Congress Beijing 7-11 May 2022

Important dates:
The deadline for Symposia proposal submission is extended to May 15, 2021

A special message to early-career Physiologists worldwide
IUPS Congress 2022 in Beijing – the major international physiology meeting
You have until May 15th, 2021 to submit YOUR symposium proposal to the Congress of IUPS – the worldwide International Union of Physiological Sciences. The programme committee plans to reserve some of the 44 symposia slots at the Beijing meeting for symposia organised and (mainly) run by early-career physiologists. This term is self-defined but would usually be for those up to the age of 40.
Proponents are encouraged to contact some potential speakers at the same stage of their career but they will probably also wish to invite additionally one or two more advanced colleagues, who have played a key role in the scientific field of the symposium. The programme committee accepts all areas of physiology and closely allied fields.
Please use the form provided by the congress organizers for symposia presented on the congress web page ( and mark your proposal clearly as “Early career symposium”. Please note that each symposium will be financially supported to cover part of the expenses of the speakers.
We are looking forward to receiving YOUR proposal!
For the international programme committee:
Yin-Shing Chan and Ulrich Pohl, chairmen

IUPS Congress Munich July/August 2025