Indo European Symposium 2019

Title:Indo European Symposium cum workshop on Next Generation Physiology for Good Health and Prevention of Non Communicable Diseases

Chairperson: Prof. K.K.Deepak, HOD, Department of Physiology

Co-Chairperson: Prof. H.N.Mallick, In-Charge Prof. Baldev Singh Sleep Research Lab

Organizing Secretaries :Prof. K.P. Kochhar, Prof. Raj. Kr. Yada

Date (s) and place of organizing:

31st  January  and 1st  February 2019 at Ramalingaswami Board Room, AIIMS, New Delhi


Day 1 :Morning Session

9.00-9-30a.m                                                 Inauguration by Chief Guest Director General ICMR

                                                           Dignitaries: Director, AIIMS,

                                                           Dean Academic, AIIMS

                                                           Dean Research, AIIMS           

9.30-11a.m. Session I Plenary Scientific and Technical Lectures                (Chairpersons) Prof. Nandu Goswami (Austria) Prof. Naim A. Khan (France)  Prof. Ratna Sharma (India)

  1. Prof. K.K. Deepak                  Next Generation  Physiology: Integration and Innovation
  2. Prof. H.N. Mallick                  Polysomnography and Sleep Neuroscience
  3. Prof. Georges Leftheriotis      Vascular health: from physiology to disease
  4. Prof. Luc Penicaud                 Regulation of Energy Homeostasis through neuronal fueling

and nutrient sensing.

11-11.30a.m                           High Tea

11.30-1.30  Session-II           (Chairpersons) Prof. Ishwar Basavaraddi (Director, MDNY,

New Delhi) Prof.  K.K. Deepak,  AIIMS, New Delhi,

Prof. Gautam Sharma, AIIMS, New Delhi

1.         Prof. Nandu Goswami            Vascular Physiology, Models of Lower Body Negative Pressure

2.         Prof. Madan Thangavelu       “Emergent Physiology Beyond Genomics: Insights from India’s

Traditional Sciences”.

3.         Prof. Naim Khan                    The 6th sense of taste : Taste of Fat

4.         Prof. K.P. Kochhar                Nutrition and Cognitive Neurophysiology

5.         Prof Raj Kumar Yadav          Short term Yoga based lifestyle intervention

1.30-2.15 p.m                                     Lunch

2.15-3.45 p.m   Session III               Technical workshop(Technical Workshop of Advanced

Physiological Techniques)                                     

3.45-4 p.m.                                         Tea Break

4-5.00p.m       Session IV (Oral presentations by young investigators)                 

Day 2 :

9-11 a.m          Session V       Chairpersons :              Prof. Nikhil Tandon

                                                                                  Prof. Sandeep Seth

                                                                                  Prof. Parmeet Kaur

1.         Prof. Sundeep Mishra            Dietary Interventions for Heart Health

2.         Prof. Vandana Jain                The Epidemic and Genesis of Childhood Obesity

3.         Prof. Amira Khan                 CD36 polymorphism and children obesity

4.         Dr. Siddharth Sarkar              “Construct and Psychophysiology of Food Addiction”

11.30 a.m                                                       High Tea

11.30-1.30   Session-VI (Technical Workshop of advanced physiological techniques)           

Prof K. K. Deepak, Prof. A.K. Jaryal Dr. Dinu S. Chandran Lower Body Negative Pressure for Preventing Vascular and Autonomic Dysfunction
Prof. H.N. Mallick and Dr. Nasreen Akhtar  Newer Techniques in Diagnostic assessment in Sleep disorders: Bench to Bedside  
Prof. K.P. Kochhar and Prof. R.K. Yadav  fNIRS, Cognitive and  wireless physiological monitoring for NCDs & Scientific basis of  Physiological mechanisms of Yoga for Integral Health
Prof. Ratna Sharma and Dr. Simran Kaur, Dr. Prashant Tayade, Dr. Suriya Prakash     Electroimaging of psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders: Diagnostic and Prognostic Implications
Prof. A.K. Jaryal, Dr. Akanksha , Dr. Ritesh Netam Techniques in Reproductive Physiology & Fertility Clinical Physiological & Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in Orthopaedics, brain trauma and Neurosurgery
Prof. Suman Jain        Microdialysis in Health & Disease
Prof. Anjana Talwar and Dr. Geetanjali Bade   Next generation Techniques in Airway Disease.
Dr. Renu Bhatia Pain Assessment for Lifestyle Disorders

1.30-2.15 p.m                                     Lunch

2.15-3.45 p.m                                     Session VII   Round Table discussion on Next Generation

Physiology: Opportunities, Innovation and Future Collaborations The way forward

3.45-4 p.m                                         Tea Break

4-5 p.m.          Session VIII               Valedictory Session

Presentation of Scientific Report

Delegates’ Feedback